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Registration for Future Proof is now open, and I could not be more excited about what will be our best event to date. While the core principles that helped to establish Future Proof as a must-attend festival are still in place, our ambitions have grown substantially. 

With expectations of over 3,000+ attendees, 150+ sponsors, and 1700+ advisors, it is clear that from sheer scale alone, much of the wealth management and financial services industry will be in attendance. This active community will gather to talk about everything from the fed and inflation, to using advisor tech and fintech to increase productivity. We know Future Proof is about more than just the business of being an advisor; it is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. 

It has been just over four months since we wrapped up the inaugural Future Proof Festival in Huntington Beach, CA. In that time, the editorial team has been hard at work gathering feedback, speaking with attendees, connecting with industry experts, and exploring new ways to make Future Proof even better. 

We heard the community clearly about what they want to see in year two of Future Proof. They want better ways to connect, more industry-related content, and deeper conversations. I have made it my mission in 2023 to deliver on those requests. It will not be easy, but the outcome and improvements will make the long days and gray hairs worthwhile. 

Future Proof combines a few unique characteristics separating the festival from most other industry events. Our NO-PAY-TO-PLAY approach allows us to shed the handcuffs of a commercially driven agenda. It is a freedom most other event organizers do not enjoy. We can build an agenda driven by an editorial board and voice, not one sourced by dollars. An actual non-commercial festival built around education and engagement. 

Beyond that, we are a community-inspired festival opening our doors to the ideas and voices we aim to serve. Each year we open our apply to speak window in search of the most ground-breaking, inspired content our thoughtful and innovative members have to offer. Through this, we can build a platform that promotes all voices regardless of sex, creed, or color. 

Future Proof has helped to usher in a new era of financial service events. One that leans more towards a choose-your-own-adventure rather than the traditional herd approach of industry events. Gone are the days of forced coffee breaks and sit-down lunches of rubber chicken. Replaced with the freedom to attend the content you want, eat when you are hungry, and, most importantly, manage your day as you see fit. 

If that is not enough to get you to go and book your ticket to Future Proof, don’t forget we host a music festival on Tuesday night featuring multiple bands, DJs, and music for all. 

Book your ticket today and join us this Sept 10-13, 2023, in Huntington Beach, California, and be part of the most forward-thinking festival in the wealth management and financial services industry.

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