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Future Proof Announces Biggest Event Concept Yet

The groundbreaking outdoor event will serve as a catalyst for building and convening the modern investment management ecosystem, including 2,500+ allocators and executives across wealth management; institutional, traditional, and alternative asset management; technology; financial services; and media.

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Advisor Circle Changes Corporate Name to “Future Proof”

Advisor Circle, the tech-enabled B2B financial media and events company behind the Future Proof Festival, Future Proof Retreat, and the finance industry’s leading meetings and networking programs known as Breakthru, announced today that it will change its corporate name from “Advisor Circle” to “Future Proof.”

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3 Simple Steps To Convince Your Boss To Send You To Future Proof Festival

As the premier event for wealth management professionals, Future Proof Festival in Huntington Beach offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, professional growth, and innovation. If you need help convincing your boss it’s worth your time and money, keep reading! These simple steps will give you everything you need to communicate the value and the long-lasting impacts of attending.

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