Breakthru: the Largest Meetings Program in the Wealth Management Industry

What is Breakthru?

Breakthru is Future Proof’s groundbreaking new one-to-one meetings program that will facilitate more than 10,000 pre-scheduled onsite 15-minute introductory meetings, making Breakthru the largest ever meetings program in the wealth management industry. Breakthru is the best way to meet everyone you want to meet at Future Proof! There’s no additional cost to participate, but you must get your ticket by August 15 and complete the meetings program pre-event process. No agenda sessions will be scheduled during the hours dedicated to Breakthru Meetings.

All Future Proof attendees can participate in Breakthru to make meaningful connections with decision makers and allocators, forge valuable partnerships, maximize ROI and meet their business objective. Register by August 15 to join up to 24 Breakthru meetings, limited only by availability and mutual interest. 

Is the Hosted Financial Advisory Firms & Limited Partners Program right for me?

Our Hosted Program provides complimentary tickets and a travel/hotel reimbursement of $750 to Financial Advisors, Limited Partners, and Wealth Management Execs (non-advisor decision-makers) who are interested in buying or allocating to (a) investment products and funds, or (b) technology and solutions for their companies, and (2) attend up to eight (8) 15-minute double opt-in hosted meetings with participating investment managers, fintech companies, and other solution providers. You must get your ticket by August 15.

Hosted meetings will be held as part of our broader Breakthru meetings program and will help you quickly and easily find solutions that are right for you, and create incredible opportunities and meaningful connections that result in positive outcomes for you and your clients. You can also join additional, non-hosted meetings (total of up to 24 hosted and non-hosted meetings) as part of Breakthru.

Apply for the Hosted Program and get a free Future Proof ticket and up to $750 in hotel/travel reimbursement. Space is limited and approvals are made on a rolling basis.

Pre-Event Process: Hosted and Non-Hosted 

To make the most of your Breakthru experience, it’s crucial to understand the pre-event process. Let’s walk through the three essential steps:

Step 1: Profile Completion (opens August 2)

Completing your profile is the first step to success. Maximize the chances of making meaningful connections by providing comprehensive information about yourself, your organization, and your goals. Take the time to showcase your expertise and aspirations, allowing other participants to understand how they can collaborate with you.

Step 2: Meeting Selection & Opt-In (August 2-August 15)

Next, look through a vast array of profiles and select the individuals or organizations you want to meet. With strategic filters, finding the right matches is easy. Thousands of other attendees will also browse profiles and select their preferred connections. Check back regularly throughout this time period as you can continue to select more people to meet with and will receive more meeting requests. Opt-in to the ones that align with your objectives, ensuring mutual interest and a productive conversation. 

Step 3: Meeting Acceptance & Scheduling (August 16-September 9)

After reviewing and accepting your selected meetings, the Breakthru platform will schedule a tentative hold on your calendar, based on the availability of both parties. Once both parties confirm, your calendar will be automatically populated with the meeting time and place. When you arrive at Future Proof, you can focus on engaging in beneficial conversations with like-minded professionals, knowing that every meeting is double opt-in. This guarantees that you’ll only connect with individuals who share a mutual desire to meet and collaborate.

Join us September 10-13 at Future Proof and experience the power of modern, innovative networking!

About Future Proof

Future Proof is the world’s largest wealth festival. Each year, the groundbreaking event brings together the world’s most prominent figures and emerging minds to explore the intersection of money, technology, culture, and impact. The event brings together an entirely new community of financial advisors, institutional investors, asset managers, fintech startups, financial creators, activists, artists, musicians, and other key stakeholders around an unprecedented experience and agenda. Future Proof provides an unmatched opportunity for conversation and collaboration that serves as a catalyst in developing the future of wealth management.

The four-day citywide event will be held September 10-13, 2023, in Huntington Beach, California. More than 3,000 attendees are expected, including 2,000+ financial advisors, institutional investors, and over 150 sponsor companies. Follow Future Proof on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

About Advisor Circle

Advisor Circle is a venture studio that aims to modernize the financial services industry through design, experiences, and technology. Its goal is to create a financial services industry that is more creative, impactful, innovative, and fun. It builds products that push the industry in this direction.

Since its founding in 2021, Advisor Circle has developed and launched multiple successful brands and businesses. These include Breakthru, a tech-enabled event meeting platform, Future Proof, the world’s largest wealth festival, and Exchange: an ETF Experience, the world’s largest event dedicated to the exchange-traded funds industry, which the company successfully exited in October 2022. For more information, visit

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