MARCH 16-19, 2025 | MIAMI BEACH, FL

Access Elite Investment Decision-Makers

Future Proof Citywide attracts the highest concentration of decision-makers and capital allocators across the wealth management, institutional, and private wealth channels. No other investment event globally offers such comprehensive access to a diverse investor audience allocating across all asset classes.


Future Proof is the best finance event that exists, hands down!


Awesome event! You guys crushed it. We plan to be back every year - very valuable event.


Anticipated Attendees at Future Proof Citywide 2025 in South Beach
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Financial Advisors, Family Offices, LPs, and Wealth Management Executives
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One-to-one Breakthru Meetings Over Two Days
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Breakthru Hosted Meetings Program

Breakthru is Future Proof Citywide’s groundbreaking one-to-one meetings program that will facilitate more than 25,000 pre-scheduled onsite 15-minute introductory meetings. As part of Breakthru, we offer investment managers, fintech companies and other solution providers who are looking for lead gen the opportunity to buy Hosted Meetings with Financial Advisors, institutional LPs, Wealth Execs, and UHNW investors, collectively managing trillions of dollars in assets.

Entirely Outdoor event

Future Proof Citywide's modern outdoor event experience sets the stage for innovative sponsorship and meeting opportunities. Integrating your brand into this captivating beachfront setting will create a lasting impression and allow you to connect meaningfully with attendees in a truly exceptional environment.

1,500+ Advisors & Limited Partners

As the most diverse investing event in the world, Future Proof Citywide attracts over 1,500 allocators including financial advisors, institutional LPs, wealth management execs, and UHNW investors, managing trillions of dollars in assets.

Access 40+ MEDIA Outlets AT FUTURE PROOF Citywide

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Join 2,500+ Financial Professionals Forging the New Investing Frontier


Future Proof Citywide draws the largest and most diverse group of allocators and decision-makers of any investment conference worldwide. Our attendees are actively allocating across all asset classes and making purchasing decisions for technology and other services essential to their businesses. The types of sponsor companies that Future Proof attracts include, but are not limited to, traditional, institutional, and alternative asset managers, PE & VC firms, technology companies, and other financial and professional service providers. If you aim to engage with industry leaders and showcase your brand, products, and services, Future Proof Citywide presents the perfect opportunity.

Future Proof sponsorships are tailored to meet your key event goals and maximize your ROI. The cost of sponsorship packages varies, starting at $20,000. Sponsorship levels are determined by your company’s total spend. Sponsorship elements can include pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings (Hosted Meetings), group networking events, dedicated meeting spaces of all sizes, brand promotion, and attendee services. A catalog of sponsorship inventory can be found on our partnerships page here.

Traditional exhibit halls can be uninspiring and ineffective for networking with capital allocators and decision-makers. Future Proof Citywide reimagines these spaces as outdoor, interactive experiences. This new concept includes sponsor activations, dedicated meeting spaces, and is situated between multiple content stages, lounges, food pavilions, tech demos, musical performances, and more. It ensures continuous interaction between attendees and sponsors.

Sponsor activations at Future Proof Citywide are immersive experiences where innovative companies in asset management, fintech, and financial services engage with the community. These experiences take place through interactive and entertaining activities on the Future Proof Beachwalk. The activations can come in various forms, including live art murals, branded sculptures, content workshops, cooking demonstrations, live podcasts, and musical performances. There’s also modern meeting spaces available in the form of cabanas, tiki huts, or even a retrofitted double-decker shipping container equipped with modern amenities.

All sponsorship elements, including physical meeting space, one-to-one meetings, allocator networking dinners, and brand awareness, are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and will remain available until they are sold out. If you’re interested in sponsoring any of our industry-leading networking products through our tech-enabled Breakthru programs, you must purchase these products and complete the pre-event process by Friday, Feb. 21, or as long as inventory is available.