3 Simple Steps To Convince Your Boss To Send You To Future Proof Festival

We get it – nobody wants to be that one friend who didn’t go to Future Proof Festival! The good news is that asking your boss to send you doesn’t have to be a lot of work. All you need to do is provide the reasons you should attend, how it will directly impact your performance, and the ways it will enhance your team’s overall success.

As the premier event for wealth management professionals, Future Proof Festival in Huntington Beach offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, professional growth, and innovation. If you need help convincing your boss it’s worth your time and money, keep reading! These simple steps will give you everything you need to communicate the value and the long-lasting impacts of attending.

Step 1: Highlight the Benefits

Attending Future Proof Festival may take place next to the beach, but it’s four days packed with a career-transforming experience. Consider how these points will directly impact a specific project you and/or your team is working on:

  • Develop critical wealth management skills amidst 80% C-level speakers.
  • Network with over 4,500 industry professionals to bring fresh perspectives and potential partnerships.
  • Engage in Breakthru Meetings, facilitating impactful connections and business solutions.

We suggest highlighting a few projects you’re working on that will be directly impacted by attending. Giving your boss specific examples will communicate that you’re going in with a plan and show that you’re dedicated to your team’s success.

Step 2: Present a Detailed Plan

Providing clarity on the investment required shows your boss you’ve looked into the logistics of what’s required to attend. Our Hosted Program offers a free ticket and $750 travel reimbursement, sent via PayPal or wire transfer after the Festival. If accepted into the Hosted Program, the financial investment will significantly decrease for you to attend! Here is a suggested breakdown of costs:

  • Airfare: [Insert estimate]
  • Accommodation: [Insert estimate]
  • Registration:
    • Hosted Program: $0
    • Non-Hosted Program:  [Provide cost]
  • Total: [Calculate total]

Step 3: Submit Your Request!

Does your boss prefer direct conversation or a detailed email or presentation? We encourage you to factor in their communication preference when presenting the information. We wrote a ‘Convince Your Boss’ letter you can use as a starting point!

With these steps, you’re ready to make a compelling case for attending Future Proof Festival 2024. And who knows… you might convince your boss to attend with you! 

Once you get the green light to attend, get your pass and tag us on LinkedIn, X (Twitter) or Instagram to let us know you’ll be there! 

About Future Proof

Future Proof is the world’s largest event brand dedicated to building the modern wealth management industry. The brand was developed by Advisor Circle and Ritholtz Wealth Management in 2021. Future Proof operates two major events: the Future Proof Festival, the world’s largest wealth festival, and the Future Proof Retreat, the world’s largest wealth retreat. These events attract thousands of attendees each year, including fast-growing financial advisors, wealth management decision makers, investment managers, wealthtech executives, and other financial services providers 

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About Advisor Circle

Advisor Circle is a specialist media and events company that leverages technology to serve the modern wealth management and wealthtech industries. Its objective is to connect financial advisors, investors, fund managers, and wealthtech companies, equipping them with actionable insights, data, and connection points to efficiently raise and allocate assets and make informed buying decisions. This is achieved through a combination of in-person and digital events, facilitated one-to-one meetings and networking programs, providing first-party data insights and analysis, as well as producing research and thought leadership.For more information, visit

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