Future Proof is Looking for the Brightest Minds in Financial Services

The apply to speak window is now closed.

As the New Year kicks off, the Future Proof editorial team begins our annual quest to find the brightest minds, newest technologies, and biggest ideas to build the Future Proof agenda. As always, we continue to build on our four content pillars of money, tech, culture, and impact. In addition, the team’s steadfast commitment to providing a platform for underserved voices remains as strong as our core belief in our NO-PAY-TO-PLAY approach to creating the agenda and sourcing speakers.

Future Proof is a huge believer that our industry and community members have tons of talent, industry-changing ideas, set trends, and drive the future of financial services. We want to unleash that talent at Future Proof. The sheer amount of bright minds and free-thinkers makes it nearly impossible to find all the hidden gems in the financial services industry.

We are looking for our next set of industry experts, free-thinkers, and game-changers to share their knowledge with our highly engaged audience of financial professionals from across the industry. Our numerous oceanside stages and engaging formats allow Future Proof to curate the perfect setting for you to deliver key insights and interact with attendees.

I am sure you are thinking, I have an amazing idea or topic you are eager to share with our community, but what are they looking for? First and foremost, we are looking for topics and ideas that will impact not only us in the next year but also change the landscape, disrupt the status quo, or give us a glimpse of how the world may look in the not-too-distant future.

We want to see ideas that go beyond the worlds of wealth management and financial services. We want to see new topics, out-of-the-box ideas, and research that has never been shared with our community.

After months of desk research and speaking with past attendees and industry experts, it has become clear to our editorial team what our audience is asking for. They want to grow and scale, be more efficient, stand out from the competition, and provide clients with the best possible service and experience, all while making sure they are using the best possible tech solutions for their practice. With those themes as our beacon of headlights, we will be paying close attention to the applications that help us deliver real and actionable solutions across the above themes.

The editorial team is looking to bring to life ideas around the future of the global economy, the rise of AI, and the continued march forward of technology. We want to see presentations or ideas that will educate, inspire and change the way people think. A good presentation will take an attendee on a journey as presenters blend data with storytelling, transforming hearts and minds.

These are not the only areas we are looking for speakers but should serve more as a guide to kickstart your brainstorming as you work to find the right topic. In keeping with our belief that all ideas and speakers are welcome, we encourage everyone to apply and let us know why you should speak at Future Proof this September.

Last year we received well over 200 applications and expect the pool of applicants to grow this year. Unfortunately, we can not set up follow-up calls or share initial thoughts or feedback on your application. Still, we can guarantee we will review every application and pick the best of the best and brightest of the brightest.

Future Proof* takes place in Huntington Beach, California, on Sept 10-13th and is built for the modern-day financial services industry. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

*Please note that Future Proof does not cover the cost of travel or accommodation. Being selected as a Future Speaker does not guarantee a keynote or stand-alone speaking slot.

The apply to speak window is now closed.

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