Webinar Recap: Unlock the Power of Alternatives

Future Proof hosted a Future Proof webinar that was nothing short of a goldmine for those interested in alternative seed-stage investments and the changing landscape of the investment world. The highlights of the discussion came from three expert speakers: Howard Lindzon, Meb Faber and Sylvia Kwan, each bringing their unique perspectives forward.

Howard Lindzon, known for his investments in the digital world, emphasized the shifting dynamics of the internet and consumer web. However, with this exponential growth, he also brought up the increasing cost of doing business online due to gatekeepers like Apple and Google. Moreover, Howard reminded us of the long-term commitment that startup investments demand. “If you’re going to invest in a startup, it’s ten years of your life. Anything I invest in today, I’m going to be 68 when that company, if it’s successful, will be really at scale successful,” he noted.

Next up was Meb Faber, whose focus lay on the under-allocation of resources to specific areas like REITs, commodities, and foreign stocks. Meb also emphasized the importance of due diligence and education. As an investor, he reminded us that understanding why and how we invest in a particular fund, how long we plan to hold it, and the criteria for selling it are paramount.

On the other hand, Sylvia Kwan discussed the increasing accessibility of alternative investments and the need for advisers to question whether adding alternatives to their practice is suitable for their clients. She reminded us that “not all alternatives are created equal,” meaning that one must carefully consider the risks and benefits of each option. Sylvia also highlighted the long-term view needed when investing in alternatives, advising a minimum horizon of at least ten years for a greater chance of success.

Highlights and key learnings:

  • The dynamic nature of the investment landscape and the increasing relevance of alternative investments
  • Howard emphasized the importance of long-term commitment and the evolving challenges of the digital business environment.
  • Meb shed light on the under-allocation of resources in promising areas and the imperative for thorough due diligence and education in investment decisions.
  • Sylvia stressed the necessity of understanding the risk profiles of different alternatives and the value of long-term perspectives in investments.

These expert insights serve as critical guideposts for navigating the complex world of investing and future-proofing one’s investment strategies. This webinar’s replay, packed with more invaluable insights from these speakers, is available for viewing on our YouTube channel. We invite you to catch the entire discussion and elevate your investment strategies with their expert advice. Save your seat for the next Future Proof webinar on October 18, which will dive into Mergers and Acquisitions in wealth management. You don’t want to miss it!

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