The Early Results Are In

The results we’ve seen since Apply to Speak opened are exciting to say the least! The Future Proof community is ready to not only show up but to get down to business. Nearly half of all advisor registrations opted into the hosted buyer program, Breakthru, a first-of-its-kind event tech meetings platform, as a result of our audience (aka YOU!) showing your commitment to getting as much out of the four days as possible.

What have we been seeing so far?

We see that this incredible community is ready and willing to share their expertise and their passions with the world. Over 100 applications have already been submitted, with more coming in each and every day. Our editorial board has an extremely hard job of finding the best topics and speakers. Despite the challenge they have ahead of them, I have full confidence that they will deliver an agenda jam-packed with innovative, inspirational, and impactful sessions.

What do we want to see more of?

We are looking for not only individual speakers on these topics but also sessions where a larger conversation can happen. Sessions where we bring multiple perspectives together. Sessions where we can provide you with the opportunity to hear different viewpoints in order to empower you to create your own perspective. Our community will benefit greatly from well-rounded sessions that go deeper and beyond the surface. With that in mind, we encourage you to submit an application that would encourage conversations that bring to light all aspects of a topic. 

With just over two weeks left to apply, we’re challenging you to think outside the box. What topics would encourage friendly-debates, well-constructed panels, or in-depth podcasts? Those are the sessions that we are looking for more of. We understand this might be different than what you originally had in mind, and that some topics are better served in a presentation or stand-alone talk. That’s why we are happy to work with you if you propose a session that can include multiple speakers. 

Submit your application before it’s too late! The application window will close on Friday, February 24. Late submissions will not be accepted after the window is closed. We look forward to seeing more applications come in and are excited to build the best Future Proof agenda yet. 

We can’t wait to see you in Huntington Beach!

The apply to speak window is now closed.

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