The Intersection of Technology and Finance: Margaret Hartigan

Margaret Hartigan is the CEO and Founder of Marstone, Inc., and will be joining us on-stage at Future Proof this year. Margaret’s unique insights and expertise in the intersection of technology and finance will inspire you and provide you with valuable knowledge into the fascinating world of technology-driven financial solutions. In this exclusive Q&A, she shares her motivations for speaking at Future Proof, her current groundbreaking project, what attendees can expect to hear from her session, and her excitement for the event. 

Future Proof: Out of all the different speaking opportunities you have, what made you want to speak at Future Proof?

Margaret Hartigan: We’re super jazzed and very excited to go to Future Proof! We were interested because it’s really one of the few events where technology and practitioners really meet. A lot of times you go to conferences and it’s a lot of vendors. 

This one is particularly interesting, especially for me having been a financial advisor for more than 12 years. It’s an incredibly exciting time in the industry! I think that what we’re doing at Marstone, Inc., and what other technology companies are doing, are well-poised to enable all financial advisors to better serve their current clients and future clients in the most cost-effective and technology forward way.

FP: What is the biggest thing you’re currently working on?

Margaret: The biggest thing that we’re working on is our financial inclusion and a goal-based tracking platform called “Marstone Maps.” It’s an interactive financial planning and financial literacy tool that really helps people strategize what they want to accomplish in life – whether it’s having a family, purchasing a home, taking a sabbatical. 

We really try to de-mystify and humanize the financial planning and investment process for people. It’s like shopping cart meets Pinterest! We gamify Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” which helps the user understand the different trade-offs that they might make when planning and what they need to get there. 

FP: What is the audience going to learn from you at Future Proof?

Margaret: The audience will learn how I’m applying my time as being a wealth management professional for more than 10 years to technology, and how I am helping financial institutions and advisors better meet the requirements and needs of their current client base. 

Financial advisors aren’t going away – they’re needed now more than ever. We’re in the midst of this huge wealth transference, and people are looking for professionals with a lot of subject-matter expertise to help navigate the next number of decades for themselves and their loved ones. 

Our platform is designed for the financial advisor and the client, but also the operations and the client-associate teams. We really need to find good technology tools to better augment our practices and serve the needs of our clients. 

FP: What are you most excited about for attending Future Proof?

Margaret: I’m excited for an outdoor festival event! It’s the first time I’ve ever gone to a Fintech or Wealth Management conference that’s outside. 

I’m really excited to meet with a lot of financial advisor professionals and hear about what they are seeing in their day-to-day practices, what they might look for for future technology needs, what they’re wrestling with and what makes them excited! 

I’m excited to meet with other asset managers and technology professionals like myself to share war stories as well as exciting times.

After the conversation with Margaret, our anticipation for Future Proof continues to build! Margaret’s enthusiasm for the event and her commitment to revolutionizing the financial industry through technology is contagious. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear her speak and discover the incredible possibilities that lie ahead. Join us at Future Proof, The World’s Largest Wealth Festival, for a memorable experience of thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities, and game-changing insights. Get your ticket today and be a part of this transformative event that is shaping the future of finance! We’ll see you September 10-13 in Huntington Beach, CA!

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