join the most impactful Program in all of Wealth Management

Our one-of-a-kind retreat will feature three Breakthru Hosted Programs, making it easy for you to meet new people, discover new companies, make new memories, & create incredible opportunities that deliver real results.

Elizabeth Koehler

The event provided a great platform to unpack the latest trends in our wealth management industry and exchange the knowledge and insights.

Bob Elliott

Great time connecting with so many thoughtful advisors, innovative investors, and passionate members of the media at Future Proof.

about BREAKTHRU Hosted Programs

Breakthru is Future Proof’s tech-enabled event programs designed to provide the wealth management ecosystem with efficient and effective ways to discover, meet, learn from, and do business together. Breakthru Programs consist of hosted and non-hosted meeting programs, peer group discussions, and experiences including group activities, content, and networking events.


Groundbreaking one-to-one meetings program that will facilitate more than 5,000 pre-scheduled onsite 15-minute introductory meetings between 300+ Financial Advisors & Wealth Management Execs, Investment Managers, and Fintech companies.


Breakthru Talks are onsite, interactive roundtables that bring together 5-8 individuals from peer groups to share insights, address issues and generate actionable takeaways on key industry topics that help drive themselves and their businesses forward.

Breakthru Experiences Program

Breakthru Experiences are transformative events, activities, and content that take place with pre-selected groups of attendees. These fun and engaging experiences are crafted to deliver new ideas, perspectives, and relationships that drive business outcomes.

Breakthru: How it works

Pre-Event Process:

Step 1

Complete Your Profile

Step 2

Request Meetings &
Opt-In to Talks and Experiences

Step 3

Accept All Breakthru Meetings, Talks, Experiences, & Calendar Invitations

Step 4

Attend Onsite Meetings, Talks, and Experiences

What attendees have to say

A Transformative Platform for Genuine Connection

Future Proof already set the industry event bar HIGH last year. But their introduction of Breakthru meetings takes the cake this year. EVERY industry event needs this!!!

Diana C.

These Breakthru networking sessions at Future Proof are a game changer. Amazing idea. Probably the most effective networking at any financial conference.

Ray H.

The technology that ⁦Future Proof⁩ built to book & manage thousands of individual meetings over three days was working flawlessly.

Craig I.

I struggle to fully articulate how amazing the experience was at Future Proof. Getting a chance to have dedicated 15-minute meetings on the Breakthru platform was a game-changer.

Josh S.

The connections were richer. They were also incredibly well-executed, with the Breakthru format allowing for an insane number of useful business connections in an insanely efficient amount of time.

Toussaint B.

Future Proof exceeded my expectations. I don’t think I’ve ever posted that about a conference I attended. Well done. The double opt-in meetings were brilliant.

Ross M.


The Breakthru Hosted Program is a specialized part of Future Proof Retreat that includes Breakthru Hosted Meetings, Experiences, and Talks. It’s designed to connect Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Executives with key players in the industry.

Qualification is through an application process. Only decision-making Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Executives are eligible. A limited number of slots are available for those who gain entry through company sponsorships.

These are 15-minute, double opt-in meetings where you can meet with Asset Managers and Fintech companies. You’ll be part of facilitating over 5,000+ such meetings at the event.

Breakthru Experiences are unique activities like golf, hiking, or special dinners. They offer a less formal setting for networking and are exclusive to the Breakthru Hosted Program attendees.

Breakthru Talks are peer group roundtable discussions on key industry topics. Unlike general sessions, these are smaller, focused groups of 5-8 peers, making for in-depth conversations.

You will receive email updates and calendar holds for the Breakthru activities you’ve opted into. Make sure to accept these to finalize your participation.

Yes, you can. After qualifying, you’ll have the opportunity to select which Breakthru Talks and Experiences interest you the most. However, Hosted Meetings are double opt-in, ensuring mutual interest.

Qualified attendees may be eligible for up to $1,500 in travel and hotel reimbursement. This is part of the exclusive benefits of being in the Breakthru Hosted Program at Future Proof Retreat.

Unlike casual networking, these are pre-scheduled, 15-minute, focused meetings. Both parties have to “swipe right,” meaning there’s a mutual interest in meeting, which increases the chances of a beneficial interaction.

If you can’t attend a scheduled activity, it’s crucial to notify the Future Proof Retreat team immediately. Failure to participate in scheduled activities may affect your eligibility for reimbursements and future participation.

You’ll receive timely updates and reminders via email and text. Make sure to check your spam folder and keep an eye on communications from our registration team.

You’ll select your preferred Talks and Experiences during a designated period before the Future Proof Retreat. These are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so act quickly to secure your spots.

The program is designed for decision-making Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Executives. If multiple members of your team fit this profile, they can apply but must go through the qualification process individually.

Each Breakthru activity has its own deadline for profile completion. Typically, you’ll have a window of about a week for each. All deadlines will be communicated well in advance.