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Participate in this groundbreaking program that will facilitate more than 5,000 pre-scheduled, 1-to-1, 15-minute meetings. Breakthru Meetings are the best way to meet everyone you want to meet at the Future Proof Retreat!

Vadim Avdeychik

Future Proof exceeding the bar on how to run a conference!!

Dr. Daniel Crosby

I’ve never been a part of a conference where I felt a greater sense of community.

Joining the Breakthru Meetings Program

Every Future Proof Retreat attendee participates in the Breakthru Hosted Meetings Program to connect with decision-makers and maximize ROI. You can attend up to 10 Breakthru Meetings, limited only by availability and mutual interest.

All meetings are double opt-in (both people agree to meet each other) and held at tables in a dedicated meeting space inside the legendary Broadmoor resort.

Breakthru Hosted Meetings

Pre-Event Process:

Complete Your Profile

Tuesday, February 20

Complete your profile, letting participants know about you, your organization, & your goals.

Request Meetings & Opt in

Monday, March 4

Review profiles & request meetings with everyone you want to meet. Afterwards, we’ll share all meeting requests, & you can opt-in to the meeting requests you receive.

Accept Meetings & calendar Invites

Monday, March 18

Review and accept your meetings, we’ll automatically schedule them and send you calendar invites. Remember, all meetings are double opt-in, so you'll only meet people with mutual interest.


March 25-26

Attend the Hosted Meetings at the Futre Proof Retreat.

How It Works

The entire process of scheduling Breakthru Meetings is automated using our technology platform. You complete a short profile, mark your availability, request meetings, and opt in to meeting requests. Our algorithm schedules high-quality, double opt-in meetings based on your interest level and availability.

Simply accept your scheduled meetings and attend them at the Future Proof Retreat. It's that easy!


Join 500+ Wealth Management Execs Building the Future of Wealth


Breakthru Meetings at Future Proof Retreat are pre-scheduled one-on-one, 15-minute introductory meetings that connect Financial Advisors, Wealth Management Execs, & Limited Partners with Asset Managers, Fintechs, and Financial Services Providers. These meetings are double opt-in, ensuring mutual interest and maximizing the value of each interaction.

All Future Proof Retreat attendees, who complete the pre-event process, can participate in the Breakthru Hosted Meetings Program.

All Breakthru Meetings are pre-scheduled. During the pre-event process, you can view the list of other participating attendees. From there, you can send meeting requests and then opt in to meeting requests that are sent directly to you. Our meeting algorithm will schedule your double opt-in meetings based on your interest level and availability. 

Expect a focused, 15-minute conversation where both parties have expressed a mutual interest in each other’s services or products. It’s a quick but effective way to assess potential business collaborations, making every minute count.

We cannot change any meeting times (fun fact: we’re enabling 5,000+ Meetings!) and cannot reschedule meetings once they’ve been confirmed and accepted by both individuals. If you have accepted a meeting and are no longer available, please notify us. 

People do have emergencies, so this can happen occasionally.

You can be scheduled for up to 16 Breakthru Meetings across Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26.