3 Simple Steps To Convince Your Boss To Send You To Future Proof Festival

As the premier event for wealth management professionals, Future Proof Festival in Huntington Beach offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, professional growth, and innovation. If you need help convincing your boss it’s worth your time and money, keep reading! These simple steps will give you everything you need to communicate the value and the long-lasting impacts of attending.

Breakthru: the Largest Meetings Program in the Wealth Management Industry

What is Breakthru? Breakthru is Future Proof’s groundbreaking new one-to-one meetings program that will facilitate more than 10,000 pre-scheduled onsite 15-minute introductory meetings, making Breakthru the largest ever meetings program in the wealth management industry. Breakthru is the best way to meet everyone you want to meet at Future Proof! There’s no additional cost to […]

What’s New at Future Proof in 2023

In this five-part blog series, we’ll dive into the exciting features of this year’s festival, including the Level Up sessions, Breakthru meetings, Sunday workshop, captivating podcasts, and an unrivaled C-suite speaker lineup. Get ready to elevate your skills, expand your network, and supercharge your growth. Below is part one – what you need to know for 2023. We will dive deeper into each section each week to give you a true sense of what you can expect when onsite at Future Proof.